Tricks To Ease The Blush

You probably have a few tricks that your know how to ease your own blushing.

These are some that I used to use, they aren’t a cure but they did help sometimes.

Foods: I used to stay away from any energy foods if I was going to been in a position that I could blush, also spicy and hot food like soup in social situations.

Drinks: Much the same, no energy drinks or any caffeine. Especially caffeine, if I ever had a coffee I was doomed for the rest of the day.

These types of things increase your anxiety levels which makes blushing even more impossible to control.

Try not to make contact with warm things. On a hot day I used to blush the most but I felt I could get away with it more because people would just think that I was hot, cold days were the worst. I remember tons of times that it was a cold day and id still go bright red and then there is no excuse.

I used to love doing active things in public because I would always go red but you could just say it’s what happens when you exercise.

I have found out how to cure my blushing but I still do go red when I do hard exercise.

I found a great article written by Richard, it contains more great tips to control blushing. He agrees that hypnosis is one of the best cures in the long term.

Richard –

“In the long term, mp3s, positive thinking, affirmations, confidence, meditation and challenging yourself are the most effective ways of stopping blushing.”

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