Stop Blushing Start Living Review

This is the first site that I tried. It also has a blushing hypnosis track but it did nothing for me.

The information in their book on the other hand is brilliant. It is full of great information, though I think some of it is now outdated and there’re better options out there in some cases.

This is a copy of what the eBook content includes:

As you can see their book gives a lot of information that covers just about everything to do with blushing.
Unfortunately the downfall with this is it costs $38.
But just a little hint, if you want this book go onto their website and then try to X out of it and a deal will pop up that takes $10 off the price  that’s what I did.

It talks about ETS surgery and Drugs in this eBook for blushing, but if you have read my story then you’ll know the downfall with both of these!! Try the hypnosis track first and if it doesn’t work get a refund from the site and then try other things.

I wish I found it first as the Drugs are still effecting my body in a bad way.

Hypnosis for blushing is the safest and cheapest thing you can try to stop facial blushing. (In my opinion).

But here is the website anyway S.B.S.L