Blushing hypnosis is in my opinion the safest way to stop yourself from from constantly turning red in the face for no good reason.

If you have read how to stop blushing story then you will know that hypnosis is the thing that eventually stopped my blushing.

Even though I had already been to a qualified hypnotist to help stop my blushing this cheap downloadable hypnosis track actually worked better and my face hasn’t turned red for no good reason in a long long time.

Many people (mainly males) are skeptical about hypnosis and think it is a load of rubbish.

Well it’s not. If you have seen the videos of people getting hypnotized on TV and then they lose control I don’t even believe that is real!

But this hypnosis doesn’t work like that. You don’t go into a crazy trance, you are not under mind control. All it does is help you stop having negative affirmations (Negative thoughts) and start thinking positively.

It truly is amazing how it works. You know how people always say “just dont think about it?”. Well this eventually actually stops you from thinking about it.

If you listen to it once or twice a day you will start changing how you think about blushing. This blushing hypnosis track saved my life by changing the way I think.

These are my old thoughts (you might recognize them)

I don’t want to go to school today ill blush – please please please don’t draw attention to me ill go read –  I’m going red, now its getting worse – she is pretty but i hope she doesn’t talk to me because ill just turn bright red – I’d love to speak up about this right now but i know ill just go red so ill stay quiet 

These thoughts are poisonous and when the are all you think about all the time of course you wont be able to stop your blushing! 

The hypnosis teaches you alternative ways to think, it shows you how to block out these negative thoughts and eventually get rid of them and your blushing for good.

I noticed that this hypnosis didn’t only improve my life by preventing my face turning red, but it also helped me think positively about a lot of other things i used to constantly have negative affirmations about.


You can get the track from miracle track hypnosis Blushing Hypnosis