How To Stop Blushing True Story

My Blushing Story.

My name is Chris, I am 24 and up until a few months ago I suffered from chronic blushing (Erythrophobia).

I searched for years and spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to stop my blushing, Don’t make my mistakes! please read my story

I can first remembering it starting in high school when I was about 13. I used to blush in almost every class until eventually the teachers figured out not to draw attention to me unless they had to, because every time they asked me for an answer to something or for my opinion I would go bright red and wouldn’t be able to answer properly.

I remember several times I would refuse to do public speaking and I failed several school assignments because of my face turning red. This was extra frustrating because I’m pretty smart and I am actually quite confident, it’s just my blushing wouldn’t allow me to be myself .

I finally got up enough confidence to go see the doctor about how to stop my blushing once I reached senior high school and I needed good grades. My doctor is about 70 so he has seen a lot of things but he told me he has never come across this before. He asked me to go red for him so he could see the severity of the blushing (which I knew was a lot because it felt like my face was about to burst into flames and I had seen it in the mirror). But I could not blush for him! This lead him to believe that it’s all in my mind so he sent me to a psychologist/hypnotist.

I saw the psychologist for about 6 months. We would do hypnosis sessions every time I went there and at first they were working and then one day it just stopped working and made my blushing about a million times worst! I stayed for a bit longer hoping that it could be fixed, but it never did so I left. So that was a waste of a few thousand dollars of my own money.

Once I finally made it through school then it was the battle of work. I had a pretty good job at an electronics store which I eventually left because I was sick of blushing. Then I started at a liquor store which was no better for my blushing, as it was mainly customer service.

I went back to the doctor and asked about some drugs I had read about online and he told me I shouldn’t take them. I didn’t care at that stage as I just wanted to know how to stop blushing, it’s all I cared about.

So he prescribed a drug called Propranolol, which is a beta blocker. The beta blockers started to work after about a week and I thought that I was doing great until after a while I started to feel like a zombie and I had no idea if I was blushing or not because I was to out of it to know my own senses.
It was kinda cool in a way because I had no adrenaline and basically no fear. But I was a zombie and it effected my motivation to do anything. So back to the doctor I went.

This time he tried me on another drug which was an antidepressant, this drug did the exact same thing and I swear I was starting to get more dopey and stupid. Even though I think these pills worked my motivation to do anything was even lower than when I was taking Propranolol, my family and friends noticed a huge difference in my personality. I decided that sacrificing my brain and social life was not the best idea. (I stopped these pills over 3 years ago now and I still feel they are having negative effects on me.)

So I just lived with it for a while longer and would try new things I would read online every so often like, remedies, different foods, hypnosis tracks, breathing technics, body flexing technics etc.

I came across a thing called ETS surgery for blushing; this is where they cut a nerve that controls your blushing. Sounded great until I read the possible side effects! But I didn’t care about the side effects so I went back to the doctor and asked him to book me in, he reluctantly did.

Then luckily before I had the surgery I found a website just like this one with someone telling their story of how they cured their blushing, and it lead me to the thing that has kept me cured for the last few months and I believe it will continue to keep me cured for a long time or forever.
Yes even though I had tried it before without success I have come back to it and it works great for me now. When I first downloaded the track I was listening to it about 3 times a day! Now I listen to it about once a week. As time goes on I think that I won’t have to listen to it at all.

If you are struggling with blushing and don’t know how to stop it then please try this before surgery or drugs!! I stopped using the drugs over a year ago and they are still effecting me, I feel that I am still dopey, less athletic, less outgoing and I struggle to take in basic information in conversations. I didn’t have the surgery but it sounds worse than the pills.

Hypnosis is in my opinion is the safest and definitely the cheapest way to cure your blushing.

If you have this please learn from my mistakes! My mind is not as sharp as it used to be, I hate to think how much money I spent on specialists and drugs. It would have to be at least $5000

A link to the hypnosis website is on my other page Hypnosis

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