ETS Surgery For Blushing

If you have read my stop blushing story then you will know that I planned to have ETS surgery but luckily I found my cure before I went ahead with it.

I went to a neurologist to talk about the surgery and was told of the possible side effects, they sound pretty bad.
From what I remember if you have the surgery you can get a dropping eye lid and can no longer sweat bellow the nipple line, which increases the sweating in other areas like the groin! Also it is easier to get heat exhaustion when it’s not even really hot.

Obviously while doing the surgery things could go wrong. I was told that its key hole surgery, they go in through your lung to find a nerve and cut it. It is a possibility that they can cut the wrong nerve! Or they can cut the right nerve but also cut other nerves by accident. During the surgery there is a possibility that your lung could collapse which can be very dangerous and painful. Obviously with an surgery there is a small chance of death.

Now that I read all this I feel like an idiot for saying “I don’t care I want it anyway”.

If you search the web there is all sorts of stories of what went wrong with people’s surgery. I don’t know how true they are but I’ve heard things like severe heart problems after surgery!

Trust me if you are thinking about it and haven’t tried every other thing out there first then you are being an idiot,

read my how to stop blushing story, try what cured my face turning red.